Good news copyeditors!

In my former life as a college newspaper editor, I was a copyeditor.  Well, technically I was the “News Editor” and I did a lot of other things as well, but copyediting was my love.  My fav.  My game.  As much as I love writing, I receive so much joy and pleasure in working with writing, crafting and shaping it with the writer until it’s perfect.  Having a meticulous nature also helps.

As you might imagine, my AP Style guide was my bible.  But beyond looking things up, there were style rules News Editors and Editors-in-Chief had to know by heart.  One of these rules was “Web site.”  Ridiculous looking, right?  I agree, but we slavishly separated and capitalized long into 2009.

Imagine my excitment today when I learned that AP Style changed the spelling of Web site to plain ol’…website.  GENIUS!  Now newspapers can stop acting like it’s 2001 and the Internet is still that newfangled invention that brings you porn.  Copyeditors, rejoice.  Your job just got a whole lot easier.

NOTE:  Despite being a copyediting fiend, please don’t use any spelling or grammatical errors you find here against me.   Everyone needs a copyeditor, and any writer will assure you it’s difficult to find errors in your own copy.  Therefore, since this blog comes straight from me to you, there’s bound to be more than a few errors.  I’m constantly critiquing and correcting various posts, so just give me time.

POSTSCRIPT:  Want to read more of my ode to copyediting?  Check out my perspective from the Oct. 2008 edition of The Miami Student:  “To ‘who’ it concerns: The most thankless job on campus–copyediting.”

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