Enjoying the day

Today was a lovely day, and being off of work, Joel and I decided to make the most of it.  After running and lunching at Five Guys (they seem to cancel each other out, don’t you think?), we made our way up to Mount Storm Park in Clifton.

Located north of Ludlow, at the end of Lafayette (and after some seriously ritzy old homes), Mount Storm is the perfect place for spring.  I didn’t get a picture of their iconic Temple of Love pavillion (the one below is from Flickr), as it was under construction and roped off, but it’s awfully pretty.

Whether the gazebo’s open or not, you can’t deny Mount Storm enjoys some stunning overlooks of the city.  Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine how hilly Cincinnati really is.  Atop of Mount Storm, we could the hill where UC and Clifton is comfortably perched, as well as the expansive Millcreek Valley, including Cincinnati State, the railroad tracks, and Union Terminal in the distance.

Like I said, a perfect day.  While I’m an adament fan of Miami and all it’s natural beauty, I have to admit: Clifton in the spring is pretty special.


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