Imposing a little order on this blog

Although I’m happy to say I’ve gotten one thousand times better at posting on a regular basis here at Paperback Fool, I’m still a bit dissatisfied.  Like any work in progress, I guess I’m always trying to find ways to improve the site, an idea concerning which hit me while I was reading my daily excerpt from The Intellectual Devotional this morning.  Every Tuesday’s devotional is about literature–normally on an author, but sometimes a particularly famous work.  I thought these devotionals would be great to share with my reading audience (at least the ones that pertain to literarture…I won’t bore/confuse you with science).

I was also dwelling on this yesterday, after I stumbled across a particularly beautiful poem from Good Poems (edited by Garrison Keillor).  I would have posted it yesterday, however I had plans to write that uber-long review of Persepolis and Reading Lolita in Tehran.  What is a girl to do?

To solve this problem, I’ve decided to give this blog weekly installments in literary knowledge and poetry.  We all need an infusion of literature in our lives, and hopefully this will give even the lay reader a healthy dose of the good stuff.

And so, for your future reference, every Tuesday I will bring you a literary devotional, while I’ll then host poetry Fridays.  Get excited!  Can you feel your brain expanding as we speak?


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