Eat Pray Love trailer

As you may recall, I was a big fan of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Against all my inclinations, I completely devoured the book and felt majorly inspired.  Thus, the reason why the trailer for the film starring Julia Roberts made me tear up.

I also liked this quote from the Stacked blog, in which the author discusses her experience being similarily inspired by Liz and her trip around the world.

Maybe it was just the timing of my trip and reading the book, but Eat, Pray, Love spoke to me as it did to many people precisely because we find ourselves stuck in ruts and unhappy.  Our reasons might be different than Gilbert’s and our journey most definitely will be different.  The purpose of books is not to simply entertain the reader for a few hours or to line an author’s pockets.  The real purpose is make us look our life and not only desire, but to take action in making it better.

I hear ya, sista.  It’s one thing to feel inspired by Eat Pray Love, but doggedly following Liz’s footsteps and hoping to re-create her experience isn’t going to help anyone.  Forget about Liz’s favorite pizza joint in Italy, or the ashram she attended.  Discovering what will make you happy–and then pursuing that path–is the only way to gain enlightenment.


One thought on “Eat Pray Love trailer

  1. Loved the book too. You are right that people who read it shouldn’t attempt to imitate her every move but rather should look for their own happiness. How many older, wiser people have told us to stop searching for love, etc. because we’ll find it when we least expect it. Hmm…maybe they do know a wee bit more than us!

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