Guests and delayed reviews

So, I’ve been meaning to write a few reviews for your reading pleasure, but alas, real life has invaded my cloistered world and guests have arrived three days early.  Not that I’m complaining.  Our new guests–arriving at 10 last night–include Joel’s co-op buddy from GM, Ben, and his girlfriend Jena.  Ben also received a job offer from GM, and so next year they will be two of the very few people we know in Detroit.  Ben and Jena are from Vermont, so they made this trip to look at apartments in Detroit.  They found what they were looking for earlier than expected, and so arrived in Cincinnati earlier than expected.  As for Joel and myself, we’ll be making a trek up north to look for apartments and houses (to rent…not buy) in a few weeks.

Because they’re early, I’ll be a little  preoccupied for the next few days.  Tonight we’re all going to see Alice in Wonderland in Newport, and then to the Hofbrauhaus for some German good times.  Joel keeps asking them if they like German food, to which I reply, who doesn’t like German food?  It’s soft pretzels, cheese and sausages.  And beer.  Don’t forget the bier.

Anyway, because of the sleeping situations, I’ve moved my laptop from the living room to the bedroom this morning, and I have to say, I’m enjoying the temporary change.  The back half of our apartment receives 100x more light than the living room (which faces a central courtyard), and so it’s nice to spend time in the bright, cheery bedroom (even if Joel’s still asleep and I have to type softly).  Our window looks out over the parking lot, but from where I’m sitting, I have a clear view of the tops of Deaconess Hospital and the castle-like Taft High School.  Plus, it’s another beautiful day in Cincinnati, the birds are singing…life is nice.  As for you, keep an eye out for reviews of Insomnia, The Gunslinger Born and Persepolis (I’ve been productive) in the next few days.


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