Books that followed me home

So, I spent the entire day working on all the alternative, non-traditional books at the store.  This means three things: comic books, graphic novels, and manga.  Without even whining about how LONG it takes to work with comic books  (so many steps, many of which include packing each thin book into its own plastic bag…ugh), I definitely received my monthly dose of everything Marvel, DC, X-Men and anything else printed on thin paper.

Unfortunately, heavy exposure to certain mediums for extended lengths of time only means one thing: a few strangers find their way into my Strand tote bag at the end of the day, tagging home with me in the hopes of being added to my reading list.  Exhausted, I wasn’t in for a fight tonight and let these guys come home with me:

The Gunslinger Born


The Gunslinger Born isn’t written by Stephen King, but by a variety of authors who have adapted King’s epic Dark Tower series into comic book form.  The Gunslinger Born describes the early history of Roland, the ever-compelling anti-hero of the Dark Tower series, the story of which was (I assume) taken from various Dark Tower books (I’m assuming most was from The Gunslinger and Wizard and Glass).   As a serious Dark Tower junkie, I’m down for all things Tower related, and have always wanted to read the various comics inspired by the series.  There are quite few more, but I’ll have to wait til someone decides to give them up to Half-Price.

The second you see there is Persepolis, which (I hope) bears no introduction.  The famous graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi tells the story of growing up in Iran during the Islamic revolution.  I’ve always wanted to read it, so thought this was as good a time as ever.  Funny story though: for the longest time, I only knew the French Persepolis and wasn’t sure it was available in English translation.  During college, I worked the circulation desk at the main library on campus, and one of my jobs was to fetch items for students that had been placed on hold by their professors.  Every year, some French professor would assign their students to read and translate the French edition of Persepolis, meaning I heard about it every week, every semester, every year.  I never had to translate it for my French classes, so now it’s my turn.

So, I guess all this means is that Persepolis and The Gunslinger Born will be occupying the next two slots on my spring reading list.  Oops.  However, I’m not sure I want to purchase said items right now (low on funds…), and I have until March 15 to return my borrowed books and movies.  Definitely time to finish Insomnia and get crackin’.


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