So we got this, uh, book in today…

Every week, Half-Price stores recieve a shipment from central headquarters in Dallas, made-up of random books used in displays and to beef up our inventory in areas we may be lacking.  This title was part of this week’s shipment, and, well…there are no words except to say: no words, no worries, no trousers:Yep, Roger Hangs Out is a treat.  The worst part is that someone thought it was on display in humor…yikes!  Books with mature content are SUPPOSED to be shelved at least five feet off the floor, spine out.  This would definitely break that rule.  Or, the worst part may be that when I hear the name “Roger,” I think of a fellow co-worker with the same name.  Ewwww…so innapropriate.

This is probably more innapropriate


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