Who does this?

So a moderate-sized snowstorm hit the Cincinnati area yesterday and last night (or #snOMG, as I call it on Twitter), forcing our Half-Price Books location to open at noon today, instead of 9 a.m. per usual.  I was a little peeved we were open at all, considering I live at the bottom of a steep hill that is never plowed.  I barely made it up the hill, and so I thought opening the store a little later than usual would be fine.  I assumed that Half-Price Books shoppers would also be averse to battling the elements (and bad Cincinnati drivers), and even at noon, we wouldn’t have many customers.

Was I wrong.  During the half hour we were preparing to open the store, at least 10 people came by and rattled the locked doors, peering in the windows, and seemed very upset that we weren’t open.  Now, I understand that averse weather oftentimes drives people to purchase “essentials” at grocery stores, but I didn’t think those essentials included books.  Well, books are essential, especially if you’re stuck inside.  But I don’t believe Mason’s reading public finished what they were reading at the same time, and desperately needed something new to read.

Anyway, the grande finale included one pissed off woman who, after she rattled our doors and read the sign stating we were opening at noon, flicked us off.  Who does this?  I’m sorry lady.  I’m sorry we weren’t able to accomodate your schedule, but if you haven’t noticed, we received 4 inches of snow last night and not everyone lives where the roads are perfectly plowed.  I know we’re merely retail employees, but we have lives as well.  And we’re fearful of them.

But again, who does this?  *Sigh* Oy with the humanity.


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