Computer out of commission


Well, sort of.  I just thought if I said “Emergency!” it would attract more attention to my panic-stricken self.  You see, I was puttering around on my computer last night (copying recipes from two cookbooks I borrowed from HPB), when suddenly the thing completely died!  Well, maybe it didn’t die.  Joel and I were able to restart it, but we saw that the blackout was caused by a sudden lack of power.  I guess I had been unknowingly running on battery power for the past 45 minutes (although I didn’t see any of my computer’s notifications that I was running out of battery life…common for me, considering my battery has been close to dead for the past year).  None of that should have mattered, however, since my computer was plugged in at the time.  The only solution seems to be a problem with the power cord and/or the power jack.

Joel is bringing the computer home with him today, so hopefully he and his dad (both engineers) can fix it.  It’s a good thing I have such mechanical men in my life.  At the same time, I’m trying to stave off a panic attack and not think about the possibility that my good ol’ Dell has finally kicked it after 5 years of service.  The ironic thing was that I was telling Joel earlier the reason my laptop has lasted this long (while all my other friends have had to replace theirs at least once) is because I treat it like a living being.  I talk to it, treat it nicely, coax it into working.  But if this is a hardware issue, not a software issue like Joel insists, my kindness may have no affect on my computer’s fate.

For this reason, don’t expect my blog posts to be regular until I have things figured out.  I still need to review Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, so hopefully I can commandeer Joel’s laptop for an hour or so in the upcoming week.  He’s hovering over me now, so I must take my leave for the time being.


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