David McCullough at Miami University

1776As a throwback to my alma mater, I wanted to report that David McCullough, historian and author of John Adams and 1776, will be speaking at Miami University Monday, Nov. 9.

Now, if I was writing this for my school newspaper, I would have to include that this is part of the Farmer School of Business’s Jack R. Anderson lecture series, which brought Colin Powell to Miami a few years ago.  I would also be expected to let you know his speech is titled “Leadership and the History You Don’t Know,” and that it will be free and open to the public at Millett Hall (our basketball stadium).

john adamsBut I’m not writing this for our school newspaper, so technically you don’t need to know any of those things.  But as I’m interesting in reading McCullough’s works someday, and I think it’s awesome Miami has invited such a distinguished author to speak, I thought it would be nice to mention something.  I probably won’t go, (living an hour away from Oxford makes it difficult to drive up there right after work) but perhaps if you’re in southwest Ohio, you may enjoy the talk.  After all, Oxford is such a lovely place.


One thought on “David McCullough at Miami University

  1. I have lived in Oxford for 9+ years and truly enjoy the advantages of living in a college town. Even more, I was just blown away with David McCullough on Monday evening. This was the best I have had the pleasure of listening to. We couldn’t ask for a better speaker… nor, could one be found. He is truly worth listening to. After listening to him, I felt like buying everyone of his books to read. The John Adams series is our all time favorite.

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