Enjoy Halloween with a book…or a movie

Since I usually don’t “do” Halloween (I mean, the dressing up part), I was wondering what I’d do here at Paperback Fool to mark the occasion.  If I was really being honest with myself, probably nothing.  I like the spirit of the season, but I refuse to buy into its current goofy, corporate identity.  But since I’m feeling festive, I was thinking that perhaps I should leave you with a book or two to enjoy during this ghostly season.  Maybe the scariest book I ever read? Well, that would probably be The Shining by Stephen King, but that’s not fun.  I mean, I’ll be honest: I don’t read scary books just because it’s Halloween.  I read them year round. (Check out The Shining though, it’s scary as hell).

So how should I properly convey the Halloween spirit to you, the reader?  How about by sharing the REAL way I get into the holiday season…by watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ of course!  Putting aside the fact that Hot Topic tried to lay a claim on the Disney classic for emo teens the world over, it’s one of the greatest Disney movies ever made if not for the storyline, then for the amazing music.  I could never tell if it was a Halloween or Christmas movie, or perhaps I should watch it around Thanksgiving…anyway, I think it’s appropriate anytime during the next three months.  So re-visit an old favorite, and have a happy Halloween.



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