Stephen King to co-write vampire graphic novel


OK, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kinda getting tired of vampires.  With Twilight and the whole hot mess that came out of that obsession, it seems that lately,  every other fantasy writer is looking to throw their vampire story into the mix in the hope it’s picked up.  And so when I read this headline to my boyfriend, he could only muster up a half-hearted “yay.”

I could agree with him, but I think this could be different.  It appears that my favorite author of all time, Stephen King, will be teaming up with short story writer Scott Snyder to write a comic book about American vampires, appropriately titled the American Vampire series.   Several of SK’s stories have been adapted into comic book/graphic novel form over the years, but this is the first time King will attempt comic book writing firsthand.  Apparently, Snyder approached King about the book merely looking for a blurb, but King was so intrigued by the story he wanted to be more intimately involved.

So, I guess the Guardian headline should read “Stephen King co-writes debut comic book,” but who’s being picky?  And even though I’m not too fond of vampires at the moment, I think King could do the supernatural villians justice.  After, ‘Salam’s Lot was nothing short of amazing.  King knows that vampires aren’t supposed to be angsty or romantic, but bloodsucking horrors.  King and Synder’s take on the genre, then, is just right:

The five-book arc will tell the story of the first American vampire, the murderous, bank-robbing 1880s cowboy Skinner Sweet. His Wild West origins mean he has rattlesnake fangs, and unlike European vampires he is powered by the sun.

…Snyder’s storyline will follow the adventures of Skinner’s Jazz Age descendent Pearl, a frequenter of Hollywood’s speakeasies and dance halls who dreams of becoming a star. Each of the first five issues will feature both Snyder and King’s stories, with the ongoing series by Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque to trace the histories of Skinner’s descendants in different periods of American history.

The American Vampire series will be published in monthly installments by Vertigo beginning March 2010.


One thought on “Stephen King to co-write vampire graphic novel

  1. Hey Laura- thanks for the leap of faith with American Vampire. We’re really excited about the series – put a lot into it and believe deeply in the story. Hope I make it to Half-Price someday. Let us know what you think of the issues. S

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