Dayton’s Big Read

As you may know, I’m currently interning in the features department at the Dayton Daily News in Dayton, Ohio, and so I thought I’d give a little shout-out to the next pick in our Spring 2010 Big Read: Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell.

The Big Read project tries to unite the readers of Dayton in lively literary discussion, and provides book groups and dedicated readers alike with engaging book picks.  If you live in Dayton, check out Dayton Daily News or your local library for more information.

Here’s a summary of Dreamers of the Day from the Dayton Daily News website:

dreamersAt the end of World War I, Agnes Shanklin, an Ohio schoolteacher, uses her inheritance to take a trip to Egypt and the Holy Land. While there she meets and socializes with Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill and other leaders involved in the Cairo Peace Conference staying at her hotel. She learns firsthand how and why the borders of Iraq, Palestine and Jordan are draw as they are. Not only does Agnes get a taste of history in the making, but she also has her first romantic encounter with a man who turns out to be a spy. Russell, an Ohio author, brings to life the unique and rich culture of the Middle East as it was then and still is today.


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