A eulogy for closing bookstores

This is sad news.  A report from the Chicago Sun-Times and Publishers Lunch says that up to 500 bookstores could close in the US this year…*sad*

I guess this doesn’t bode well for my plan to apply to as many bookstores as possible in the next few weeks, in the hope that my English degree will ensure that THIS time (I’ve applied to Barnes & Noble at least 3 times during the past 8 years), I’ll be hired.  My guess is that the closing stores are small independents–places I adore but would never hire me since, well, they’re too bankrupt to hire anybody.  No, I plan on aiming for the big gorillas that everyone loves to hate: B&N, Borders, etc.  It would be ideal to land a gig at Half-Price Books, which has the benefit of being more independent feeling (despite being a chain) and trendy.  Although, I’ve always been too intimidated to ask for an application there because everyone is so damn trendy/pierced/emo.

If you can’t already tell, the job search isn’t going well.  The frustrating part in all this is that I have everything else going for me in my life.  I have a supportive family, friends, a boyfriend I love, a home AND an apartment waiting for me (should I get a job)….all I need is a damn job!  I don’t even need something to necessarily jumpstart a career–I plan on moving to wherever my boyfriend lands his first engineering job.  I just need a fulltime job that pays me enough to support myself.  Rent, food, car payment, gas….I’m a low maintenance girl! Ugh.  How depressing…


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