Truman Capote autographed a book for … Harry Potter?

This is amazing.  Not only it is a lovely coicidence, but it combines two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and Truman Capote!

According to a recent post on Jacket Copy, there’s a copy of Truman Capote’s The Thanksgiving Visitor up for sale on, a used-book seller, that is  signed by the author to a … Harry Potter.

The Mr. Potter in question was not, of course, the boy wizard we all know and love.  I’m sure JK Rowling wasn’t even thinking of Harry’s tale at the time the autograph was signed in 1978 (or even before Capote’s death in 1984).  No, Mr. Potter was a doctor in New Jersey, but the book is up for sale for $1,000 online–hey, it pays to share a famous name, even if it’s not famous yet.


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