The good side of an e-reader

Ok, so I’ve made myself quite clear where I stand on the whole e-reader issue.  I was quite vehement in my last post, and I still stand by my beliefs.  I love the *book* too much to forgo it for a $400 toy—books have never failed me in my 22-year-long love affair, and they never will.

However, this article from The Daily Beast made some sense, and made me re-think my self-imposed ban on anything e-reader (SHOCK! read on).

Romance novels.  Trashy books.  You know ‘em and secretly love ‘em.  But how embarrassing to be caught reading such filth on the subway!  The horror!  The shame!  You, my friend, are a serious reader.  You were an English major.  You don’t joke around when it comes to your reading habits.  But come on, everyone loves a little smut every now and then, right?

Now, I can honestly say I’ve never bought a straight-up romance novel from a bookstore.  That’s not to say I haven’t read my fair share of steamy bedroom scenes in a variety of other books, some of which are very literary.  You blush while you read, but secretly we all enjoy it.  I’ll admit it here, but I don’t believe I’d want to admit it to the world that actually recognizes me.  Hence the reason why I have never bought a romance novel, or something else similarly embarrassing, from a  bookstore.

But would I feel free to buy whatever my heart desires if I had the anonymity of an e-reader?  Hmmm…interesting question.  To tell you the truth, I probably would.  In fact, having a Kindle or any other kind of e-reader would probably lower my literary inhibitions by a mile.  Plus, it would be far easier to sneak a peek at the latest literary craze—just to see what all the fuss was about.

As I’ve mentioned before, reading The DaVinci Code was a huge waste of my life.  But I wanted to read it nevertheless because it was such a big, damn deal.  After realizing my fatal mistake, I told myself that I’d never do it again—I don’t care how big Twilight is, I’m not going to spend my hard-earned cash on something I probably won’t like.  But if it’s cheaper in e-book form, and it’s discreet (no one is going to see it on my shelf)…well, I can’t ignore the benefits.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s almost a good idea.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m an e-reader convert.  Far from it.  The bulk of my reading is still serious, and so it would be a waste of $400 to buy something that would only serve my guiltiest pleasure.  Plus, one can always stock up on smutty books from Amazon.  But I will concede one point to the e-reader—ONE, so don’t get cocky.  See you in round 3.


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