The marriage of Twilight and Wuthering Heights

As part of the saga of my hatred for all things Twilight, here’s some troubling news out of the classic novel camp.

The new cover of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights—which happens to be Bella’s favorite book—has been re-designed to mimic, if not flat-out copy the covers from the Twilight series.  The cover includes a shadow-shrouded staircase in the background, with a blood red rose (or a white lily if you’re in the UK) blooming in the foreground.  Then, there’s very vampire-esque blurb at the bottom: Love Never Dies.

Gag me.

Gag me.

I guess I can’t be too upset.  If Bella’s tastes drive adolescent teen girls to read more literary classics, all the better for Twilight fans (who SHOULD be encouraged to read literature of quality and less Twilight).  However, what I can’t stand is the idea that romantic classics like Wuthering Heights need to re-branded with the Twilight brush.  I’ll admit that Wuthering Heights is not my favorite Brontë novel (Jane Eyre takes that honor by a mile), but it shouldn’t be considered “a pale imitation” of anything written by Stephanie Meyer. Nobody, for that matter, should imitate Stephanie Meyer for fear of losing his or her literary credibility.

So what do you think? Is it a sad moment for literature when Brontë needs Twilight in order to capture the attention of an intellectually-stunted generation of tween readers? Or will this actually help Wuthering Heights in the long run? I mean, at least Meyer had her characters read literature of quality….which brings me to another unrelated question: would Bella read Twilight? If she enjoyed Brontë, I doubt it.


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