Knitting poetry into art

Britain’s Poetry Society is stitching a literary storm. The group is currently at work creating the world’s first giant knitted poem as part of its 100th year celebration. Although the poem has yet to be revealed—the most popular pick has been Yeats’s “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”—the group has been inundated with interest in the project.  Poetry Society Director Judith Palmer said “It’s just spread and spread: there must be 90 knitting blogs writing about it all over the world.”

I didn’t even know there were 90 knitting blogs…period.  But there are: more than 800 knitters are busily knitting and crocheting individual letters for the final poem.  It’s going to be big too—each letter is going to be 12 inches square.

My favorite quote from the piece in The Guardian come from Palmer: “A poem is often a small thing that packs a larger punch than its scale suggests—it’s not big and shouty. The idea of a poem with scale is interesting—it’s saying look how big, how important this poem is, and how many people’s lives it’s reached.”

I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for the final product so I can give you all a glimpse.


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