Literary News: Sex, Muhammad and Clinton

Golding, a young sex fiend?
The Guardian reports that Lord of the Flies author William Golding, known to high school English students the world over, admitted in a recent memoir that he tried to rape a 15-year-old girl when he was 18.  According to the editor of the forthcoming book, Men and Women Now, he was given privy to volumes of Golding’s personal journals, where the author says he thought the coupling was going to be consensual, until the girl fought him off and fled.

New book bans controversial Muhammad images
The Yale University Press won’t print controversial images of Muhammad, the New York Times reports.  Their newest book, Cartoons That Shook the World, will not include the 12 caricatures of the Islamic prophet originally published in a Danish newspaper in September 2005.  Publishers consulted dozens of authorities on the matter, including diplomats and counterterrorism experts, and all agreed that the cartoons shouldn’t be reprinted.  They have their reasons: after the cartoons were initially published, there were riots throughout the Middle East and Africa, with at least 200 people killed.  And just last year, someone tried to kill the artist who drew Muhammad wearing a bomb for a turban.  However, the reasoning is a little suspect: withholding the cartoons devalues the nature of a book that strives to show people (as cartoons do) cartoons that shook the world.  Plus, dozens of media sources have published the cartoons since then, so why the caution now?

Bill Clinton’s corrected reading list
Watch yourself, blogging world.  Even if you’re the famed LA Times book blog, Jacket Copy, you’re still liable to make a few boo-boos.  Thankfully, a blog entry about former President Bill Clinton’s reading list was corrected—by the former president himself.  It’s nice to know our former chiefs of state have time for the internet.  Here’s what’s really on Clinton’s docket:

1. Steven Johnson’s The Invention of Air and The Ghost Map,
2. Tom Zoellner’s Uranium
3. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers
4. John Bogle’s Enough
5. Selden Edwards’ The Little Book
6. Richard North Patterson’s Eclipse
7. Andrew Greeley’s The Cardinal Sins


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