Fangirl Favorite: Pride and Prejudice

This man is sexier than you. Mmm...I love literature.

This man is sexier than you.

I’m celebrating the end of a long week and job rejection by settling in with one of the greatest movies of all time: Pride & Prejudice (the 2005 version).  During college, my roommate and I watched this movie at least two or three times a month.  In short, we were obsessed.  And I still am obsessed–particularly with Mr. Darcy (and Matthew McFayden’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy).  I know it’s not as lengthy or detailed as the ’95 BBC film starring Colin Firth, however I feel the 2005 cast captures the spirit of Pride and Prejudice and Austen’s oeuvre perfectly.  The music, especially, is lovely.

As one of my ultimate, all-time, super-duper favorite books, I will reccomend Jane Austen’s masterpiece until the day I die.  In fact, it may be the next on my re-reading list…


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