Introductions and Intentions

Hello world, and welcome to Paperback Fool.  This isn’t my first attempt at blogging, by far, but I hope that this marvelous online publication will be the most professional, the cleanest, and frankly, the best blog yet.  I hope you’ll agree.

All right, now that I’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, let’s dive right in.  My intentions for this blog are various and scattered.  Like any self-serving rank and file member of the millenial generation, I want to make sure it’s chock full of those personal reflections that make so much sense rattling around my head.  In the same way, like any other young writer, I have a desperate need to see my words published somewhere–whether that’s in The Atlantic or some unknown blog no one will read (I’m not picky).

In addition, my deepest desire is to be paid for writing about books.  I’ll admit it: seeing endless rows of spines leaves me swooning, books are my Achille’s heel…etc.  As the name of this blog indicates, I’m a fool for paperbacks (and hardbacks, and mass market fiction, and maybe even e-books).  Along these lines, I hope to fill these pages on treatises on the modern literary marketplace, and hopefully induct a few readers to my obesssion.  Of course, my subject matter will not only be relegated to books and all that comes with them.  An unfortunate side effect of working as a journalist is that you’re interested in everything and anything.  I’m also a fool for news aggregation, but alas, that did not seem quite as sexy a blog name.

Why should you listen to me, you say?  Why am I the utmost authority on all things literary?  Honestly, I have no idea.  But, I have learned a few tricks since I launched my first blog on oh-so-many years ago.  I graduated from a mid-sized public school in the Midwest, summa cum laude, with degrees in English Literature and Journalism (see ‘about’ if you want to know the name, but I guarantee if you’re not from Ohio you won’t have heard of it).  Over the years, I’ve had several internships at small to mid-level newspapers, and was a senior editor at my own college newspaper for two years.  This June, I spent six weeks at New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute, learning the ropes of magazine and book publishing, as well as gleaning a brief insight into the glamorous world of New York publishing.  Books are my life, and I’m always reading something.  My tastes tend to stay within the realm of literary fiction and the classics, although I have a soft spot for the oeuvre of Stephen King and fantasy classics like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (who doesn’t?).  I will say I am an adamant Twilight-hater, but we’ll leave that to another post.  For news, I enjoy The Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet for a quick overview of the world at large, The New York Times for informed reading, and The New Yorker for laid-back reflection on life (I also love their cartoons).

And that’s about it for introductions.  I must say I’ve impressed even myself; for not having written a proper blog post in several years, I’ve outdid my expectations.  I’m going to make an effort to return, and so I hope you will too.


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